Our Most Hidden and Deadliest Weapon


If you don’t have anything nice to say…

One day, I woke up. Like any normal day. I didn’t sleep well the night before. I tossed and turned. I’ve been having nightmares since my Mom passed away in May. I guess you can say I’m dealing with some things. But no one would know until I say it. So I say it to my family over breakfast.

“Ugh, I didn’t sleep well.”
“I had nightmares again… I wonder when this will end.”
“I’m afraid to get old, if I feel this bad while I’m so young, what’s wrong with me?”
“I need to lose weight. I’m sick of my body.”

This wasn’t mindful or productive at all. I know we all need to vent but it still spreads negativity especially when it’s not backed up by anything to positively change it. I was just complaining about how I felt instead of saying good suggestions to find solutions. The problem?

My four year old comes down stairs and I shit you not she said:

“Mom, I didn’t sleep well.”
“I had nightmares that my puppy ran away and I was so sad!” (SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A PUPPY!)
“I don’t want to get old like Grama and Papa.”
“Mom, you’re fat. You need to burn more calories!”

My mouth dropped and I about fell over with GUILT. My crappiness literally spread to her. I felt bad about myself and it instantly made her not only say bad things but she was feeling bad too. Even if it wasn’t true for her, she now THINKS it is. That all happened in the matter of 30 minutes. How damn powerful is that? Negativity is like a disease and it spreads instantly.

Then don’t say anything at all?

Of course that’s not reasonable! We can speak all we want. However, it’s all about what you say. So if negative thoughts and feelings can spread like wild fire which will bring you down and others… what about positive and enthusiastic ones? I decided to test the theory and stay mindful about what I should say. I got up on a new, fresh morning and I said this (even if it wasn’t exactly true),

“Wow! I slept so good! I feel refreshed!”
“I had the best dream last night!”
“I am going to have a great day today!”

As if on cue like acting scenes for a movie, when my daughter heard me say that, she said the same as well. She even seemed happier and more chippy that morning. I did too! It felt good to say those things. It instantly lifted my mood and hers. Amazing, isn’t it? After applying this “speaking positively” rule to my life I noticed that I even began to feel better about myself and raise my self-esteem! It got me pondering… Exactly how powerful is the mind?

Speaking it into Existence

To answer the question above, extremely. Scientists haven’t even cracked the code on the human brain. However, they do know it has infinite power over us and our lives depending on how we use it. It’s all up to us. The most common way we use our minds is through communication and if we aren’t careful, our minds can be very harmful weapons using our words as bullets. If we take more care and caution into what we speak, our words could be used as fertilizer. Again, it’s up to us. Choose wisely. There is a win-lose here.

Acting on it

Naturally we move on to phase two; after we speak, we act. This process should be done instantly to have the best effect. You don’t necessarily have to plan out every aspect to WHEN you are going to do something. Because chances are, you won’t. And it’s so important that you do!

Some take ways:

  • Be mindful when you speak. If it’s not useful, productive, helpful, resourceful or kind… it will do no good except make you amplify whatever it is you are feeling down about.
  • Practice positivity, daily! Not only does it change you mindset to be happier and healthier, it literally will change your world! It’s like a key to unlocking your potential for greatness. All you need to do is practice the best of things.
  • This takes time to develop into a habit and that’s perfectly normal. You are not going to change how your brain works over night. There is scientific research to back that up. All you need to worry about is, starting.
  • Oh and start now! Again, deadlines aren’t the best. The minute you have a thought of what you SHOULD be doing or saying, that’s your que to get up right now and GO DO IT. Otherwise, you’ll face the consequences if you don’t.
  • Consequences to not acting upon the things that your heart and mind call for result in you lowering your self esteem and ruining pure potential.
  • This is your life! Love your brain and treat yourself better! Do better, say better and be better! Self love is such a journey guys and it’s so worth it! ❤

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