Create a Life you Love Through Your own Journey

Your own Journey?

It’s completely up to you how you want to start it or do it! I wrote this to share how I look at “life journeys” and what helps me get started on them. A solely do it for the purpose of re-centering myself, finding my Zen again, and finding those little things that add up to the big things. I want to make sure I am accomplished and that my wants and needs are being met. I focus on it daily so it can change my life for the better. I am one of those people who are constantly looking to better themselves. Not perfection! I’m just fascinated with pushing my mind to the limits of ultimate happiness through hard work and dedication. I am constantly learning and constantly finding what “clicks” for me as a person. I apply mindfulness and it’s a beautiful experience, every time.

Life is like a box of… books

Over the years, I realized that I see life like it’s a book. Everyone has their own book (as they have their very own life,) and everyone who is alive has a story. We are constantly writing each page every single day that we are here. We don’t know how many pages are in the book, of course, so we tend to not look at how big the book is (like we would in reality and we would get intimidated to read it all.) What we look at is how the book is going. Sometimes we say things like, “Wow, my life hasn’t been easy.” Or, “I had such a rough start.” Or even, “I do not like the way I’m living.” Although, unfortunately that may be true, our current chapter in life and our future ones depend on us to fulfill. You don’t have to continue the story the way it’s been going. Nothing is set in stone, your book is NOT already written even if statistics say what’s likely to happen – you are in charge.

Journeys are like Chapters

Someone, as myself, would say I’m on a journey right now. You’ve probably heard people say that. Or maybe you are trying to get on a journey or already are! Either way, you can compare it to starting a “new chapter” in life, a new chapter to your own “book.” It’s a visual way of wrapping your mind around the facts that you want to make changes. You want to go in a different way; try something new. Maybe you’ve experienced that you aren’t quite happy and you are trying to look deeper to find what’s missing or what you need. It’s your journey. It’s your new chapter and you can begin a new chapter whenever you want!

Brainstorm About What Truly Makes you Happy

Personally, I love doing this! It’s one of the reason’s why I journal. Sometimes we get off course or we need to simply add in more to our lives to get that fulfillment we need. I like to make lists of all the things I love to do. If your new at this, you can apply it to your 5 senses to get a feel of the “what”. For example, What do you love to feel? Maybe it’s one of those fuzzy blankets to wrap up in or maybe it’s the warmth of fresh bath water. What do you love to taste? Is it sweets? Maybe have 1 day a week to look forward to, to indulge on your favorite candy. (just a serving.) What do you love to hear? Maybe it’s the beautiful laugh of your child that lights you up like a Christmas tree inside! Maybe it’s music or the pitter-patter of rain drops. What do you love to smell? Earthy tones of  Cedar-wood or Sandalwood? Maybe vanilla, like fresh cupcakes. Or fresh cut lilacs? Apply yourself to your senses and all the things you love and you will already start feeling happier. Make room in your life to apply these things to your every day well being and it will automatically change your life and lift your spirits!

Your Future is Unwritten

Well, except for God’s plans. But we can save that for a different post. Ultimately though, in your own free will, your future is yours to play out and write out as you please. Take comfort in that fact and don’t let it push your anxiety buttons. It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown but you could change your perspective and get excited by creating goals and plans no matter how big or how small they are. Here are some simple ways to create sight of a bright and rewarding future:

  1. Write down a major goal or your dream. (Even if it sounds like something you’ll never be able to do, don’t talk down to yourself. Anything is possible, so write it down.)
  2. Create 3 smaller goals that you’d like to achieve by imagining where you’d like to be around this time next year. (It may help to think about where you were this time last year to put into perspective how much change you’d like to create.)
  3. Write out your 5-year goal. Where, what, and who do you want to be in 5 years? Is this getting your closer to your major goal or dream? If it isn’t, make another goal that does as well!
  4. Now take a smaller step back and make some daily goals to make time for in your schedule. (This one is the most important! It’s the small choices that add up to the big choices. Without your daily goals, you can’t get anywhere for the future.) What can you do each day that your future self will thank you for?
  5. Work on it every single day, keep the vision, keep the drive, keep motivating and inspiring yourself and others. Write your book one page at a time, is the same as, live your life one day at at time!

I hope you enjoyed this little post! This is something I look forward to!
Create a life you love, day by day.
Onward and Upward!
-Crystal R.

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