“So Tell me a Little About Yourself,” – Says the Interviewer.

If you’ve ever been interviewed for a job before, then you would know all about the dreaded question (or command rather), “Tell me about yourself.” It never really comes out as a question per say… it’s more of a pressing statement. And no matter how many times you’ve practiced it, the interviewer always asks you at the wrong time and you can’t help but to feel off-guard to say the least.

Suddenly your mind goes blank and there’s a pit in your stomach and you think… what is there to say? There may be too much to say but if I don’t beef it up they may not even be interested in me anymore.

Then you start to stammer over your words. That’s called self doubt. Been there done that so many times! UGH!

I didn’t think I’d have to face that question when I decided to dig in and start a blog though. But honestly, how do you get this going if your readers have no idea who you are or your reason to why? I like to be personal. After being in customer service in professional work settings, I can guarantee that people LIKE personal.

What does that even mean? Well, for instance – we all have our lives, emotions and experiences etc. So when we use those basic things and intertwine that into our personalities, like the things that make us truly unique from anyone else, that’s personal information.

People like to see a little bit of vulnerability because they can relate. And it will actually help to make them more comfortable and open up a little themselves. Conversation usually flows easier and the rest is a piece of cake!

So personal is good. Not TOO personal! We don’t want to scare them off on the first date. LOL! Speaking of dates…

I have been on one date in my entire quarter century of a life time (If I make to 100 – which I will. I’m determined). This was back when I was a freshy in high school at age 14 and I’ve been with him ever since. He’s my high school sweetheart and we’ve recently celebrated a whole decade together! (WOW!)

In October we will be celebrating our first year down as a married couple. And we share our lives with our beautiful 4 year old daughter who is enormously our entire universe. I absolutely adore the family we’ve created and the family that we are.

A lot happens in 10 years but looking back – I wouldn’t change it for the world. Our pasts shape us into who we are today and I really love who I’ve become and where I’m going. (Self love is such a wonderful thing!)

In my previous jobs, I went from being a florist (totally miss doing floral!) to management training. I was able to be a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) for a while which was such a growing and beautiful experience in my life.

Most recently I was a baker and made breads from scratch! (That’s a lot of work and sorry if it’s gross… but umm, sweat!) I developed a passion for cake decorating while I was in the bakery and started doing it at home on the side.

Such wonderful experience and skills that I am still developing to this day! At the end of June, it will be 1 whole year since I moved back to Michigan with my family and since then I have finally gotten into the healthcare field which has always been yet another passion of mine! Woo-hoo! Huge achievement.

Next will be college. (It’s never too late!) I’ve been writing since I could. I am a twice published young Author in the state of Michigan and I do my best to journal every day. Now I decided it was time to try to blog about what I write about.

So I know this all sounds like cake and cherries right now but my life hasn’t been easy at all. Ever heard of the quote, “Stars only shine in darkness”? Well that’s me my friends! Most of my days are dark and twisty – especially my first 21 years of life.

And I’ve struggled with poor mental health from what I’ve been exposed to. I really have to fight and push every single day of my life but there’s a lot of beauty in that. I’ve met people who give up in the fight. I’ve known people who said they weren’t strong enough to deal with the pain anymore. Well…

I know we all face things differently and that’s due to perspective. However, I have a lot to share in just how I found the light through it all. How I kept my vision that there was something at the end of the dark tunnel. It’s been worthwhile and I know I’m not alone in my journeys and neither are you.

My daughter and husband are my new reasons for my WHY. But an old reason that I still hold true to myself today is the fact that I had to prove myself wrong and knew that I could. (we’ll get more into that mental mess later.)

I believe I covered the basics! I can’t wait to continue writing and to share more of myself. This is extremely nerve wrecking and exciting to get my story out here like this.

Until next time! Which will be soon!
Oh! And go ahead and tell me about YOURSELF! 🙂

X’s & O’s

-Crystal R.


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